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Bezpieczeństwo a strategia rozwoju gospodarczego Polski

  1. Maria Miczyńska-Kowalska



The role of security in modern societies is constantly increasing. A global society functions under conditions of uncertainty, volatility and turbulence. The risks are the same for all sorts of dangers occurring in the core areas: social, economic and political life. In a situation of globalization the risks in these areas are, among others: crisis in the social, economic and technological areas, caused by violent changes and resulting in new type of conflicts; interactions between different institutions in a global dimension, which cause greater dependency between them; contradictions in the political, economic, social and technological development, e.g. disparities in the development of certain sectors of activity within one region, country or Europe; changes in values professed by people; changes in lifestyles; still insufficient level of tolerance and cooperation between cultures, countries and social groups in Europe and in the world.

There are certain threats occurring in a global society, e.g. new forms of growing violence and terrorism, uncontrolled development of the military industry, threats of ecological and humanitarian nature and the lack of a business ethos among the political and business elites. One of the biggest global threats are contradictions between religions and cultures. Other dangers include: polarization within societies and societies in a macroscale, crisis of values, truth, authority and tradition.

In the paper mainly an economic dimension of the functioning of a state is analysed. The authors also emphasise that the state takes preventive actions to reduce uncertainty, risks and dangers of all kinds in all the mentioned areas (but an economic dimension is at the centre of analysis).

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Socjologia LXII. Grupy dyspozycyjne w systemie współpracy transgranicznej na rzecz bezpieczeństwa

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